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Jerome Renard

Mainstream & Pop Mixing Engineer

Jerome Renard - Mixing Engineer - Henson Studio
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Your Emotion To Hit Songs


What I Bring to Your Team!

A mixer with your song at heart

A great mixer doesn't just turn knobs and push faders -they should share your emotional and human connection to your songs. I create mixes that connect your music with your listeners, keeping emotion as the centerpiece.

A Sonic Identity Tailored To You

Together we will refine your sonic identity so your unique sound stands above the crowd.

Result in the Real World

With ten of millions of streams and a background working with multiple major labels, I bring those experiencse to every project.

Hear for Yourself

My Work


Let’s discuss about your project, and see if I’m the right fit for your team.
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My Story


Jerome Renard is Belgian-Born Mixing Engineer, living in sunny Los-Angeles.

As a mixer he believes that every song deserves to have an engineer who understand the deepest needs and connections you have with your music.
As someone who has lived, experienced and engineered pop music internationally, he’s able to bring a multicultural perspective to each project, helping to emphasize with goals of every artist he works with.

Having a deep fascination for the science behind the sound, his knowledge hovers not only engineering, but also acoustics and electronics.
That love of science comes in handy when he mixes, helping him minimize the technical “guesswork” and allowing him to focus on the artistry.

With a modern twist to a classic story, he started his journey as a curious 16-year-old kid pushing every button and faders he could get his hands on, Jerome had a wide array of opportunities to travel, develop his skills, and work with some of the tops producers, composes and A-list artists.

His experience working alongside John Metcalfe brought him to Real World Studio,  Universal Music brought him more than once in the Studio La Grande Armee in Paris, and his sessions with Simon Phillips, were the catalyst for bringing him to Los-Angeles.

From real hands-on experience and a life across  different continents, this is just a small part of the multiculturality that Jerome brings into Pop Music and Mixing.

Making sure your music is the finest piece of art wherever it’s being heard.

Jerome Renard - Mixing Engineer - Belgium Studio